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Pricing - Memberships

All memberships include 8 classes per month. And you can purchase add-on classes starting at $7. We've designed our memberships to fit the healthy lifestyle we believe in and to give you the results you desire! Pilates Room Studios membership is flexible and affordable. You can customize it for your life style. Pay as you go! no waste, no penalty fees. You get all that you need and nothing that you don't need.

Membership 1 Month Trial

It's valid for all locations and It Includes 8 classes to be used in 1 month. And you can get add-ons for only $7 a class.

Discounted Rates apply

Sign up for the membership before your trial ends and get irresistble rates. All Memberships Include 8 classes and you can get
add-on classes for the discounted rate above


A La Carte

Not a big fan of memberships? You still cam make use of our beautiful facilities, prime locations, convenient schedule and great classes for a very affordable price. We've designed our “A La Carte” packages to fit your budget and with the convenience to use it cross locations.

Pilates Room Studios Downtown San Diego

Where and How to Start with Pilates?
We suggest you to start by taking advantage of our "New Clients Special" Pilates membership trial or our Private Pilates Session First Time Trial special. If you have never had any experience on the Pilates equipment before, you can start with our Pilates beginners group class or Pilates all levels group class. If you have a lot of physical limitations however, or don't feel comfortable in Joining a Pilates group class, we suggest you to start with a Pilates private class. At the Pilates Room Studios, we are committed to give you results! A healthier life and a fit body to get many "wows". You are our real super model and your acomplishments is our best advertise! To acquire it, discipline and commitment to your workout routine are a must. You have to exercise at least twice a week to get minimum results. That is why at the Pilates Room Studios we think about you! We have created our Membership program taking all this in consideration. Our Membership was created having you "our super model" in mind! The rates are very low so you can workout more. The longer you commit the lower the rates are, the membership comes with 8 classes to be used in one month which is the minimum necessary to get results in a long run. If you want the results to be even faster, our membership allows you to get additional classes for the same discounted super low rate. r better results you should consistently workout at least twice a week, but we understand sometimes you need to travel as well, for that reason we have crafted our membership to be flexible enough to accommodate more workouts a week so you can be ready to go! Or make up for it when you come back! What we mean by that is: you don't have to do exactly two classes a week in all occasions, our membership only requires that you take 8 classes a month, so you can do 8 classes in two weeks to boost results and surprise your metabolism for example. This is the best price in town! And Yes, It requires commitment, but if you are serious in making changes on your body and health, and achieve your goals, commitment is what it takes. The more you workout with us, more we understand your body's metabolic response. Just compare around and you will see you will get much more results in here and for the lowest rate ever! Equipment Classes for only $7 for the entire year! You will not find an offer like this anywhere else. This is such a great way to help you stay fit for the entire life for a very low cost! You are our super model and we will compromise our profits in lowering our rates so you can workout more and we can see our master piece...YOU!