pilates room studios - policies

  POLICIES: Please take note of our 24 hour cancellation policy. If you cancel without a 24 hour notice, you will still be charged for the class. In addition, note that our 3 rooms are located on the same block and many times have 3 classes at the same time. Be sure to show up for the right studio that you signed up for. If you sign up for the Turquoise Room at 6:30 but take a class in the Orange Room, you are holding two spots and will be charged for the two classes. 
WAITLIST: If you are on the wait list an auto email will be sent to you if you are added to the class up to 24 hrs prior the class. Only add yourself on the wait list if you are sure you will be able to take that class. If you are added to the class you are accountable for the spot and the 24hrs cancellation will apply. If you book yourself for one class and also add yourself to another class wait list on the same day, when added, you will be accountable for both classes.  HOW IT WORKS:   Once you find a class you'd like to take, please pre-register online by logging in and selecting "Sign Up". This will reserve your spot so the instructor knows to expect you. It's important to arrive promptly at class time so that you can ease in with our instructor-led stretches (though we understand you may run late from time to time!). Please note that your reserved spot canbe given to someone on the wait-list if you do not show up soon after start time. You will still be charged for reserved classes.  
WHAT TO EXPECT:  To work! But at your own pace. Our instructors are trained to work with a variety of fitness levels, injury histories, past Pilates experience and ages. Pilates is about setting your own personal goals, enjoying the moment (breathe in and out), clearing your mind (stretch...) and getting toned and fit! Trust us, you'll enjoy the total body benefits of Pilates.  
WHAT TO BRING: Pilates socks with grips (we sell them on site).  Proper workout attire, for your safety.